about the writer

about the writer

in 2012, as a very visual-high school student, i asked my communication teacher what path should i follow if i ever wanted to work in a magazine ( since the devil wears prada looks just so exciting) and after seconds of thinking about it, she came up with an answer, she said, open up a blog… write on it, post in it, and whenever the time comes, use it as a resume…

i had no idea what she meant, that’ s not the answer i was looking for, not then not now, however a year later, that brought me here, where i write, i post, and sometimes i delete. trying to post now, without deleting so much, using more of my own created content, and well, here i am writing my own bio, that’s self created content.

currently i’m majoring in communications and write this blog,few of my passions are horror films, food, skincare, dark clothes and fragrances. traveling is on my plans and stop being so damn lazy.

if you made it this far, thank you so much, and i hope you enjoy the blog. :)